The lifestyle magazine of choice for Asia's affluent and influential, Prestige, is packed full of useful, relevant material that enriches, informs and entertains.

Each month, Prestige readers enjoy a rich feast of intelligent reading and spectacular photography on subjects as varied as local society, business titans, international news and entertainment, fashion, travel and high-end gadgets and diversions.

With its high quality content and sophisticated presentation, Prestige brings a unique and modern flair to the category of lifestyle magazines in Singapore.

The favourite magazine of a discerning high-end demographic, Prestige is a celebration of the very best in life!

Get the full jetset lifestyle package each year with Prestige Lifestyle, a chronicle of the lives of the rich and famous, coupled with an up close examination of glamour, style and luxury in spheres including watches and jewellery, high end travel and cutting edge design.

Tic Talk heartily delves into the realm of timepieces. It explores the watches that collectors lust after, the timepieces that have provoked industry buzz and the stunning creations that adorn the wrists of the most stylish. You will be introduced to the titans of the watchmaking world, the masters who design these exceptional timepieces, and the discerning who treasure these creations.

Launching its inaugural issue in September, 2006, is August, Singapore's new quality men's style journal. A glossy monthly magazine aimed at the affluent, global-roaming, cosmopolitan man who covets success and the finer things in life, August is fresh, irreverent and provocative. From the sharpest styling, hip designers and essential luxe accessories to the latest and greatest in travel, business, music, technology, pop culture and motoring, August has it covered. With insightful feature articles, in-depth celebrity profiles and razor-sharp writing, it's the intelligent man's read in Asia. August - The Definitive Men's Journal

LUXX is a series of elite publications that gives an in-depth coverage of various aspects of the luxurious lifestyle. The connoisseurs' indispensable reference is proudly brought to you by the publisher of Prestige Magazine.

LUXX JEWELLERY - Visually stunning, LUXX Jewellery is a celebration of all that glitters. The full-colour publication has something for all lovers of fine jewellery - from the admirer of all things beautiful to the besotted devotee.

Besides presenting the world's latest gems, LUXX Jewellery brings you news and trends in the international jewellery industry; profiles collectors and features talking-pieces as well as deepens your appreciation with insights by experts on the selection, purchase and care of fine jewellery. But more than that, it will transport you to a world of unsurpassed beauty.

LUXX LIVING brings to readers the latest in high-end real estate in Singapore and overseas, elegant solutions in design, technology, architecture and home accents.

LUXX interviews experts from a variety of fields be it interior design, furniture craft, fabric artistry or landscaping. LUXX Living and its team of experts address the needs as well as questions that high net worth home owners may raise concerning issues such as state-of-the-art security, innovative eco-friendly practices, the fine art of entertaining, creating specific and well-equipped spaces that address different pursuits for collectors and enthusiasts.

Stepping outside the home, LUXX Living showcases the world's most exclusive resorts, unusual adventures and travels. Our writers span recreational interests and locations, from golf to sporting properties, romantic wedding venues, ski to beachfront, marina to aviation, mountain to urban, across Asia and beyond. In addition, discover the trendiest bars and most sought-after restaurants.


Launched in August 2003, PC Magazine Singapore is a leading IT publication in Singapore and is published under license from Ziff Davis Media, USA.

Having established a strong foothold in the IT market, PC Magazine Singapore actively creates numerous promotions and develops joint activities with clients for the benefit of readers - an example is the regional Fastest Geek competition hosted by PC Magazine Singapore during the World Cyber Games in November 2005.

Wireless World is a business technology magazine developed by CR Media.

Dedicated to addressing the needs of businesses and business users of wireless technology, our aim is not only to educate our readers about the benefits of wireless technology and its adoption but also to present viable business strategies and solutions for businesspersons via consultations with world-class experts.

Wireless World has gained much publicity in the Southeast Asian countries via our active participation in the major exhibitions in the region. Our presence can be seen at CommunicAsia in Singapore, Thai Telecom Forum in Bangkok, ACM in Kuala Lumpur and 3 GSM World Congress in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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